HILO team:

Our team is not yet doxxed to the public, although our founder and development leads (directors) are doxxed and have completed KYC procedures on platforms like Flooz and Solidproof, along with many influencers, callers, space hosts, server providers, hosting providers, and more.

As mentioned in the whitepaper, we have made it clear that we will be going public as a legitimate entity, registered and audited. This will occur in upcoming phases of this project.

Our current team consists of:

Project Leaders: 3 Creative Directors: 2 UI/UX Designers: 5 Main Developers: 2 Front-end / Back-end Developers: 7 Copywriters: 3 Social Media Managers: 3 Mods and Community Managers: 6 Content Creators: 3 Auditors and Fund Supervisors: 2 Legal Team: 3

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