Roadmap - Business development

Year 2023-2024:

โœ… CMC and CG Listings

โœ… Multiple partnerships

โœ… to onboard marketers and influencers

โœ… Hiring more members and increasing our staff capabilities in order to prepare for scaling

โณ Further partnerships & Marketing campaign

โณ Analyze our user growth and audit the volume and income we are receiving from the Token and the dApp

โณ Attending conferences and pitching our project to bring in more funding and investments

โณ Publicly announce the head members of the HILO project, which will help us scale up and establish higher connections and levels

โณ Registering the HILO project idea and product as a legal entity

โณ Aim for big exchange listings, such as Binance, by setting up meetings and conferences that connect our project managers with their HR and head marketers

Please note that some goals are subject to change or may occur earlier or be delayed. Additionally, we anticipate incorporating more improvements and adding new ideas along the way. Flexibility and adaptability are essential as we navigate the dynamic landscape of our project.

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