Roadmap - Products development

$HILO Roadmap

Q1 2023:

โœ… Deployment of $HILO token

โœ… Testing and development of Binary Prediction dApp 1.0 on testnet

โœ… Deployment of Binary Prediction dApp v1 mainnet

โœ… Launch of Binary Prediction dApp 2.0

โœ… Consistent addition of new pools, pairs and time periods

โœ… UI upgrades

Q2 2023:

โœ… Leaderboards & Rankings

โœ… Users Dashboards

โœ… Live dApp Analytics page

โœ… Telegram Bot update

โœ… UI and UX constant updates

โœ… Massive platform fee reduction through in-app Arbitrum integration to dApp โœ… Finalize the testing of the new update and go live


More TBD

*The main role of the development roadmap is to show the community what we are currently working on and what we have in our vision for the near future. It serves as a way to communicate our progress and upcoming plans. It is important to note that delays may occur, and occasionally the opposite may happen, such as when we release features before their scheduled deadline.

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