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Deposit and Withdrawals - Cashier Page

To deposit, you need to own HILO tokens and have ETH for gas fees. Simply type the amount of HILO tokens you want to deposit, approve the usage of the token, and then confirm the deposit. Wait for the blockchain to process the transaction, and within seconds or minutes, you should see your tokens deposited in the dApp.
After depositing, our dApp will automatically prompt you to switch to the ARB network. This is where you can use the dApp and view your updated balance. If the dApp fails to ask you, you can manually switch to the ARB network.
To withdraw, ensure that you are on the ARB network and have a sufficient balance for withdrawal. Simply type the amount you want to withdraw, approve the transaction, and confirm it. You will then see your new tokens added to your HILO ERC20 wallet.
All transactions are visible on the blockchain, and you can track deposits on and withdrawals and predictions on *Withdrawal limits:
No withdrawal limits. Maximum of 4 withdrawals per 24 hours. *Those limits are in place to prevent bots, spammers, and any potential harmful actions related to withdrawing. Additionally, they serve as a safeguard in case your account was hacked. *We cover the gas fees for these specific transactions.