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Pools Page

Every pool will have the following information:
Pool Locks In:
This indicates that predicting will close in a certain amount of time, which could be days or minutes. Once the pool is locked, you will not be able to place any more predictions on that specific pool.
Pool Settles In:
This indicates the time when the pool results will be live. It could be days or minutes. Once the results are live, you will be able to claim your profits if you have won.
Locked Price:
The locked price is the reference price against which you are placing your prediction. It cannot be altered, changed, or manipulated once it is fixed. Your prediction is based on this specific price. If you believe the price will be lower than the locked price within the timeframe of the pool, you must select the "Lower" option.
Prize Pool:
The prize pool represents the number of HILO tokens locked in the pool. The higher the pool, the more you can predict without affecting the odds, and the more you can earn. If your prediction amount is high, there may be a warning message indicating that it could affect the odds.
Each prediction option will have automatically calculated odds/multipliers assigned to them. These numbers are subject to change depending on the amount of predictions placed on each option. If more players bet on Option A, the odds/multiplier of Option A will be lower than Option B.
Please be aware that these numbers can change and are not fixed. The odds/multipliers stop changing once the prediction window is closed and remain fixed until the results are live.
If you are a winner and your chosen option has a multiplier of x5, you will earn five times your original wagered amount.
Additionally, you will see social links related to the token, chart links, and quick descriptions to provide more information.