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What do you need to use the dApp?

To use our dApp and enjoy a smooth experience, you need to ensure that you have these assets ready:
  • You need to own $HILO tokens, as they are the main tokens on the dApp. You will use $HILO tokens to place your predictions. This means you can multiply your holdings or potentially lose them in the dApp, so please predict responsibly.
  • You need to own ETH (Ethereum). This is necessary to pay for the deposit fees. You will need to own ETH on the ETH network.
  • You need to own ETH on the ARB network, using the same wallet address that you own HILO tokens on. You will need to bridge or send ETH (ARB) from an exchange to your wallet. Click here to bridge ETH to ARB network. (official website)
The ARB network has very low gas fees, so on average, $20 would be enough to make around 100 transactions on our dApp.
*Please note that gas fees are mandatory and are not collected by us. These fees go to respective ETH and ARB networks since you will be using both