Affiliate Program: Empower & Earn

Hilo's Affiliate Program is not just any ordinary referral system. Whether you're an influencer, a celebrity, or just someone recommending to a friend, our program is designed to generously reward you:

  1. User Referrals: Create your unique link and invite users. For every user that signs up through your link and generates volume, you earn an exemplary 10% (as an example, exact numbers yet to be determined) cut of their generated volume. Simultaneously, the referred user receives a 10% cashback, offering an attractive incentive to join via the referral system.

  2. Custom Pools Earnings: As an affiliate, you can craft custom pools. Rally users to join, and from the revenue that the pool generates, you take home a significant share (e.g., 10%, but exact numbers will be defined later).

  3. Detailed Earnings Dashboard: Venture into the affiliate page on our dApp. Here, you'll find a comprehensive dashboard showcasing:

    • Profits from the custom pools you've launched.

    • Earnings bifurcation between new and existing users.

    • Income from recent bets, with filters such as the last 24 hours, past week, and more.

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