Deposit and Withdrawal System

Unparalleled Flexibility with Hilo: At Hilo, we prioritize user experience and flexibility. Our deposit system is meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of users and their individual preferences.

  1. Multi-Chain Deposits: Regardless of the blockchain you're on, Hilo welcomes deposits from any chain and with any token, offering a truly inclusive platform.

  2. Unique Address Generation: Upon joining Hilo, each user is provided a uniquely generated address accompanied by a QR code. This ensures seamless deposits from various platforms, wallets, or any other sources. No more worries about connecting or signing in with your wallet.

  3. Safety First: We understand the importance of security. By allowing deposits without necessitating wallet connections, we ensure that your hardware wallets remain uncompromised and your assets are safe.

  4. Automatic Conversion: Once a deposit is made, the system automatically converts your tokens to Hilo tokens within the app. Think of it as purchasing Hilo every time you deposit, simplifying the process and providing a consistent user experience.

  5. Use of Hilo Tokens: With your newly acquired Hilo tokens, you can dive straight into the app's myriad features and use them as you see fit.

  6. Flexible Withdrawal Options: To begin with, users can withdraw in both Hilo tokens and select stable coins. We believe in continuous improvement, and as the project evolves, we aim to introduce more withdrawal options to cater to the varied needs of our users.

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