HILO Scan Page Overview:

The "HILO Scan" page acts as the transparent ledger for all user interactions on the platform, offering real-time insights and historical data.

Features and Functionalities:

  1. Universal Search: Users can swiftly look up any transaction by simply inputting the unique ID associated with:

    • Pools (old or new).

    • Bets.

    • Deposits and withdrawals.

    • And other transactions.

  2. Detailed Transaction Records: Each search result offers comprehensive data including:

    • Transaction amount or value.

    • Timestamp (date and time).

    • Status (successful, pending, or failed).

  3. Anonymity Maintained: While all transactions are visible, user identities remain protected. Only the transaction IDs are displayed, ensuring user privacy.

  4. Wide Scope of Transactions: The page chronicles every activity on the platform:

    • Bets being placed in real-time.

    • Pool creations.

    • Liquidity additions.

    • Settlements of pools.

    • Wins and losses.

    • P2P transfers between users.

  5. Transparency: Emphasizing trust and openness, the HILO Scan page provides a bird's eye view of the platform's operational flow, showing everything that's happening, ensuring every stakeholder can verify and track any activity.

In essence, the HILO Scan page acts as the platform's heartbeat, providing users with a transparent, detailed, and real-time view of the ecosystem's dynamism and ensuring utmost credibility.

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