Leaderboards Page

Leaderboards Page Overview:

The "Leaderboards" page offers a competitive and interactive showcase of user performance on the platform. It acts as a transparent ranking system for all participants, highlighting their achievements and positioning within the dApp.

Features and Functionalities:

  1. Dynamic Rankings: View and track users based on performance metrics. Find out who's leading and who's lagging in the competition.

  2. Search Capability: Easily search for specific users to check out their rank and overall performance.

  3. Time Frame Filtering: Users can filter rankings based on various durations:

    • Last Day

    • Last Week

    • Last Month

  4. Ranking Metrics: Users can sort the leaderboard based on:

    • Total winnings

    • Overall profits

    • Number of bets placed

    • Amount of losses

    • And other performance metrics.

  5. Anonymity Preserved: For users who choose privacy, their names won't be displayed. Instead, they'll be labeled as "Anonymous User," ensuring they can participate in the leaderboard while maintaining their confidentiality.

  6. Versatile Display: Filter leaderboards based on the type of bets:

    • All

    • Price Prediction

    • Real-life Prediction

  7. Personalized Insights: Users can not only view the top performers but can also find their own rank and track their progress over time.

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