Lottery System

Early Bird Lottery System: Bet Early and Win Big!

Overview: Hilo introduces an innovative approach to incentivize early participation on the platform. With our Early Bird Lottery System, placing your bets ahead of the curve not only positions you strategically but also rewards you with a chance to win big in our on-chain lottery.

Earning Tickets:

  1. Timely Participation: Place your bets early in any pool or event to earn lottery tickets. The quicker you dive in, the more tickets you collect.

  2. Visibility: Your accumulated tickets are conveniently displayed in the header menu, ensuring you're always updated about your potential chances to win.

  3. Ticket Ledger: An organized section dedicated to showcasing the total number of tickets you've earned and how many are eligible for the next lottery draw.

Lottery Mechanics:

  1. On-Chain & Fair: Our lottery system is built on-chain and utilizes Oracle technology, ensuring full transparency, fairness, and complete randomization.

  2. Prize Pool: Stay informed about the accumulating prize pool. Watch it grow and imagine the possibilities of your win!

  3. Draw Details: Be always in the loop about when the next draw is scheduled and how many tickets are in the fray.

Why Participate Early?

  1. Advantageous Positioning: Early bets often come with strategic benefits, allowing users to set the tone and pace for subsequent players.

  2. More Tickets, More Chances: Every ticket increases your odds in the lottery. The earlier you bet, the more tickets you get, and the higher your chances of winning.

  3. Engagement and Fun: The lottery system adds an element of thrill and suspense, elevating the overall betting experience.

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