To ensure that users are always updated and never miss any crucial activity on the platform, we have integrated a comprehensive notification system. Here's what you can expect:

Email Notifications: Users can opt to receive real-time updates straight to their inbox, keeping them informed without needing to log into the app. Key notification types include:

  • Pool Updates: Alerts about the pools you've created or participated in.

  • Bet Alerts: Instant notifications when you place a bet or when a bet is settled.

  • Transaction Notifications: Instant confirmation of successful deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.

  • New Pool Alerts: Stay updated about the latest pools created on the platform.

  • Activity on Favorited Pools: Customize your notifications by 'favoriting' specific pools. Get bespoke updates related to the pools you care about the most.

  • Real-Life Event Notifications: Don't miss out on any big real-life events happening around the world that could impact your bets.

Mobile & Web App Version: For those using our mobile application, expect immediate and concise push notifications directly to your device. These alerts pop up in real-time

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