P2P Bets (Player vs. Player Bets)

  1. Bet Creation:

    • User initiates a new bet and sets the wager amount (e.g., $100,000 tokens).

    • Defines the counter-wager (amount the other player should match).

    • Defines the bet's specifics: What is the question/event, and an optional link for reference.

  2. Bet Sharing & Acceptance:

    • Upon verification, the user receives a unique link for the bet.

    • The user shares this link with the opponent.

    • The opponent reviews the bet details and, if in agreement, places their wager, locking in the bet.

  3. Dashboard Monitoring:

    • Users can monitor the bet from their dashboards.

    • Real-time updates and status of the bet are displayed.

  4. Resolution:

    • Upon the conclusion of the event, the Oracle provides the outcome.

    • Funds are distributed automatically and securely based on the outcome - winner gets double the wager, with a possible platform fee.

  5. Decentralized Process:

    • The entire process is on-chain and decentralized, ensuring transparency, security, and trustworthiness.

This P2P Bets feature promotes direct engagement between users and offers a more personalized betting experience, allowing players to challenge each other directly.

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