Positions Page

The "Positions" page offers a detailed record of a user's betting history and is meticulously structured for easy navigation and data analysis.

Features and Functionalities:

  1. Comprehensive Record: View all placed bets, the amount staked, the specific tokens or events bet on, and the pools associated with each bet.

  2. Filtering Options: Refine your view by:

    • Type of pool (price prediction or real-life prediction).

    • Date range using a calendar tool.

  3. Sorting Abilities: Arrange your betting history by:

    • Amount placed.

    • Winnings or losses.

  4. Visibility Controls: Customize your view by hiding specific pools or bets to declutter your page or focus on specific data.

  5. Export Feature: For those keen on advanced tracking or analysis, there's the ability to export all data into an Excel spreadsheet.

This page serves as an essential tool for users to track, analyze, and manage their betting strategies efficiently.

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