Side Menu Features and Functionalities

1. Pools:

  • Central Hub: This is the essence of Hilo Market, where users can view all available pools to place bets.

  • Filtering Capabilities: Sort through official and user-generated pools, filter by categories, and even show or hide specific pools based on user preferences.

  • Customizable View: Users can organize the pools in a sequence they desire for a more tailored experience.

2. Positions:

  • User-Specific Bets: Here, users can view all the positions they've taken, past and present.

  • Claiming Profits: This is the place to acknowledge your wins and claim your earnings.

  • Comprehensive Overview: See all bets placed, track wins and losses, and organize them as per the user's needs.

3. Dashboard:

  • Performance Analytics: An overarching view of a user's betting history, including wins, losses, total bets placed, profits earned, and more.

4. Leaderboards:

  • Community Rankings: View the performance of all users, ranked by various metrics.

  • Customizable Views: Sort and rank by the number of bets placed, performance, or other metrics.

  • User Profiles: Display of username and profile pictures for those who opt to share.

5. Analytics:

  • Platform Insights: General statistics on how Hilo Market is performing, encompassing user count, betting volume, revenue, and overall platform activity.

6. Buy HILO:

  • Token Purchase: A direct link guiding users on where to purchase the HILO token.

7. HILO Chart:

  • Token Performance: Real-time visualization of the HILO token's price and market movements.

8. Stake HILO:

  • Passive Income: Users can lock in their HILO tokens here, earning rewards over time.

9. Live Support:

  • Real-time Assistance: Direct chat support for any immediate queries or assistance.

10. Articles - Knowledge Base: Access to informative articles related to the platform and betting.

11. Affiliate Program - Referral Rewards: Users can share a unique link to invite others, earning discounts, cashbacks, and other benefits in return.

12. Dark and Light Theme Toggle - Visual Comfort: With a simple click, users can switch between a darker and lighter theme, ensuring comfort and ease of navigation based on their preference.

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