Use Cases of the $HILO Token

  1. Native Currency of the dApp: Whatever currency you deposit will automatically be swapped for HILO tokens within the dApp.

  2. Placing Bets: Use the tokens to place bets on pools.

  3. Creating Personalized Pools: Have a unique question or prediction scenario in mind? You can create it in the HILO dApp! You will need to burn a small amount of tokens to create your own pool.

  4. Liquidity Provision: All liquidity in the pools is in HILO tokens. If you want to add liquidity to the pools, or to your own pools, you will need to add HILO tokens.

  5. Profile Customization and Promotion: Personalize your user experience and stand out in the community. Utilize HILO tokens as a payment method to enhance, promote, and upgrade your user profile within the dApp.

  6. Premium Features: For users seeking an elevated experience, HILO tokens unlock premium features that offer advanced functionalities and tools, enhancing your predictive prowess.

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