User-Generated Pool Creation

Community-Driven Price Prediction Pools:

  1. Initiation:

    • Users, acting as pool creators, start by selecting the type of pool they want to create, which in this case, is a price prediction pool.

  2. Token Details:

    • Contract Address: Pool creators input the token's contract address. This ensures that the token is valid and its price can be tracked in real-time.

    • Select Chain: The creators specify the blockchain on which the token resides.

    • Logo and Description: They manually provide or edit the token's logo and add a brief description about the token, ensuring other users understand what they're betting on.

  3. Price Locking and Prediction Direction:

    • Locked Price: Creators decide on a specific "locked price" for the token. This will serve as the reference price against which price movement predictions will be made.

    • Prediction Direction: Users bet on whether they predict the token's price will be above (up) or below (down) the locked price at the end of the betting period.

  4. Time Frame Configuration:

    • Betting Period: Creators decide the time frame during which bets can be placed.

    • Settlement Period: They also set a period for the pool to settle and determine the winning outcome.

  5. Liquidity Provision:

    • Creators add liquidity to the pool, allowing for larger bets and ensuring that there are enough funds in the pool to cover potential payouts.

  6. Approval Process:

    • Once the pool is set up, creators submit it for review. Platform admins will scrutinize the pool, ensuring the token is reputable and resistant to price manipulation.

    • If the pool meets the platform's criteria, it gets approved and goes live.

  7. Community Engagement:

    • Pool creators can then share their pool with others, potentially making it go viral. This not only brings traction to their specific pool but also enhances overall user engagement on the platform.

  8. Earning Potential:

    • The pool creator stands to earn passive income from the pool's volume. This acts as an incentive for more users to create and promote their pools.

  9. Benefits to the Platform:

    • Increased Volume: Community-driven pools can attract significant betting volume, especially if they're focused on popular or trending tokens.

    • Community-Led Growth: By allowing users to create their pools, the platform decentralizes its content creation, leading to a more diverse range of betting opportunities.

    • Automated System: This approach reduces the platform's workload in generating pools and ensures a continuous influx of fresh content, driven by the community itself.

Real-Life Predictions Pool Creation:

  1. Real-Life Predictions:

    • Question and Event: Users specify a distinct event and ask a pertinent question regarding it.

    • Options: Users can add up to five potential outcomes for participants to choose from.

    • Liquidity: For each potential outcome, creators can allocate a certain amount of liquidity, acting as a form of backing for their prediction.

    • Reference Link: It's crucial to include an official source or news link. This link acts as a verification measure, ensuring that the outcome will be decided based on reputable and unbiased information. If it's an event with a global impact (like a U.S. election), the link should preferably direct to an official, universally recognized source, like a government website.

  2. Platform Review and Approval: The platform's team reviews every user-generated pool to ensure its legitimacy and relevance. Once vetted, the pool goes live.

  3. Profit from Pools: Pool creators earn a commission from the total volume of their pool. This commission is directly deposited into their accounts.

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