User Privacy

When you create an account using your email or Google account, rest assured that your private information remains confidential. The only public elements are those under your control: your username, which you can edit, and your profile picture, selected and uploaded by you.

Additionally, our platform offers flexible privacy options regarding your wallet address. You have the choice to link your wallet address with your username within the dApp, making it visible to others, or you can opt to keep it anonymous, depending on your comfort and privacy preferences.

It's important to remember that, as an on-chain dApp, all transactions are publicly visible on the blockchain. This transparency is inherent to the blockchain technology and is beyond our control. However, within the boundaries of our dApp and its ecosystem, we are committed to ensuring the utmost privacy and security of your information. Your trust and privacy are our top priorities, and we diligently work to safeguard them within our platform.

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