User Profiles

User Profiles: Dive Deep into Player Insights!

Discover and Connect: Within Hilo, interaction isn't limited just to placing bets or monitoring pools. Our platform encourages community growth and networking. Through features like leaderboards and live chat, users can discover fellow players, making the platform more engaging and social.

Profile Overview:

  1. Privacy Settings: Users have complete control over their profile visibility. They can opt to make their profiles public, allowing others to view their stats and achievements, or keep it private for a more discreet presence.

  2. Basic Information: Public profiles display the user's username, a brief bio, and their profile photo.

  3. Performance Metrics: Dive deep into a user's betting prowess. See their recent bets, total wins, losses, and their profit margins.

  4. Achievements & Ranks: Showcase or view the milestones reached, badges earned, and the rank of a user compared to the larger community.

Engaging with Profiles:

  1. Leaderboards: A direct gateway to the profiles of top performers. Spot a user dominating the charts? Just click on their name to view their profile and learn from their strategies!

  2. Live Chat Mentions: Engage with users in real-time conversations. Clicking on a username in the chat will lead directly to their profile, providing instant insights.

Why Interact?

  1. Learn from the Best: By observing top performers' bets and strategies, newer or less successful players can gain insights and refine their own strategies.

  2. Community Building: Encourages camaraderie, friendly competition, and networking among the players.

  3. Achievement Showcasing: Allows users to proudly display their accomplishments and milestones, motivating others to aim higher.

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