Legal Disclaimer

  1. Potential buyers of the $HILO token and users of HILO dApp must be fully aware of the following:

    • The risks associated with purchasing digital assets.

    • The nature of binary options predictions.

    • The dynamics of web3 dApps.

    • The volatility commonly observed in the cryptocurrency market.

  2. The HILO business plan and the information in the white paper do not constitute financial, business, investment, or tax advice. It is advisable to:

    • Seek guidance from professional legal, tax, and financial advisors.

    • Consult with local authorities before making investment decisions.

  3. The HILO business plan does not represent investment securities or an offer document of any kind. It does not offer securities in any jurisdiction around the world.

  4. The HILO business model is based on predicting token price actions, which are directly correlated with the highly volatile nature of the crypto market.

  5. Predictions on the HILO dApp use a binary voting system, this entails a substantial risk of loss in each round, so users should make conscious decisions and engage in responsible risk management.

  6. HILO binary options predictions operate entirely on-chain, and once transactions, including round entries, are initiated, they cannot be reversed. There is no provision for refunds or opting out after locking an entry in a prediction round.

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