๐ŸŒฑ Tokenomics and Taxes Roadmap

As we continue to develop the HILO project, our commitment to enhancing every facet remains steadfast, especially in terms of our tokenomics and the $HILO token.

We are in constant dialogue with our community, gathering feedback, and monitoring the broader public sentiment to identify areas for improvement and to ensure our tokenomics are well-balanced.

Despite the renouncement of our contract on the Ethereum (ETH) chain, we have devised a strategy to refine our tokenomics and reduce taxes/fees:

  • Introducing various solutions for buying and selling the $HILO token with minimal fees, aiming for near-zero taxes.

  • Increase liquidity in the Uniswap V3 pool to allow our holders to swap larger amounts with 0% tax. You can now swap up to $2000 with zero tax on V3 UNI pool (ETH)

  • Expanding the presence of $HILO to new blockchains, including Solana (SOL) and Arbitrum (ARB).

  • Facilitating the bridging of $HILO tokens across multiple chains to enhance accessibility.

  • Supporting $HILO token deposits in dApp on various chains

  • Reducing the fees associated with withdrawals in dApp, making transactions more cost-effective.

  • Implementing new mechanisms for burning tokens within the dApp.

We are excited about these initiatives and believe they will significantly enhance the $HILO project's tokenomics. Your continued support and feedback are invaluable to us as we strive for excellence.

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