Pools on Hilo Market V4

  1. Versatility of Choices: Navigate to the pools page to either place bets on existing pools or initiate a new pool.

  2. Two Major Pool Categories:

    • Price Prediction Pools: Users bet on token price movements.

    • Real-life Event Pools: Users predict outcomes of real-world events, from sports matches to political elections.

Price Prediction Pools:

a. Token Information: Clearly displayed token or coin's name.

b. Locked Price: The starting price, with users betting whether the token will be higher or lower than this at the end of the set timeframe.

c. Betting Odds & Timeframe: Visible odds for predicting price rise or fall, alongside a specific betting period after which no more bets can be placed.

d. Settlement Time: The point at which the outcome is determined, and profits can be claimed.

Real-life Event Pools:

a. Event Description: Understandable context, e.g., "Who will win the next U.S. election?"

b. Options & Odds: Multiple possible outcomes with respective odds. Typically two, but can be more.

c. Betting & Settlement Timeframes: As with price prediction pools, clear periods for placing bets and determining outcomes.

d. Cash Out Mechanism: Option to retrieve profits or positions before the actual settlement.

Incentives & Gameplay Dynamics:

a. Early-Bird Rewards: Place bets early and earn lottery tickets, granting access to a weekly high-reward lottery system.

b. Randomized Locking: An unpredictable pool locking time that encourages users to bet sooner rather than later, adding an element of surprise.

User Interface & Features:

a. Filters & Categories: Diverse selection of tokens, questions, and categories to keep user engagement fresh and dynamic.

b. Variability: Multiple time frames, questions, and betting options ensure that users have a plethora of choices, ensuring they remain engaged and entertained.

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