HILO White Paper

🏦 In-dApp Fees

Depositing from any chain incurs a 0.5% fee plus the chain's gas fees.
When you deposit, it is akin to purchasing HILO tokens.
Withdrawing HILO tokens to your own ERC20 wallet costs 0.75% plus Ethereum gas fees. Swapping HILO for USDT on Arbitrum incurs a 5% fee plus Arbitrum gas fees. On every pool there is a 5% fee. There are no fees on peer-to-peer transfers within the dApp.
These fees are in place to maintain sustainability and cover transaction fees, including the buybacks we conduct. Since the dApp's mechanisms are on-chain, actions such as opening and closing pools incur gas fees, along with other transactions in the dApp which we cover. Additionally, the fees serve as a mechanism to prevent misuse of our platform and its use as a mixer.