$HILO Token Terms and Conditions

If you hold, trade, buy, sell, transfer, receive, withdraw, or deposit the $HILO token, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This token incurs a 6% tax fee on buys and a 6% fee on sells.

  2. The allocation and usage of these fees/funds are at the sole discretion of the HILO team and are not subject to control or influence by users or investors.

  3. All funds collected will be used exclusively for project financing, team development, salaries, and associated expenses. Users and holders of the $HILO Token do not have any entitlement to or claim on these funds, and they hereby acknowledge and accept this condition.

  4. This token is volatile, not stable, which implies that you may experience both significant losses and significant gains.

  5. You recognize and accept that cryptocurrencies are inherently risky and not considered safe investments or assets, and you fully understand and assume these risks.

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